Caring For Your Car When it Sits Idle

Your car’s health depends on you driving it. If your vehicle has been sitting idle for a while, consider using these tips to keep it in road-ready condition.

Go for a Little Drive

You don’t need to drive across all of Lawrence County, a five-minute spin around the block will do just fine.

A short drive circulates your car’s fluids, reducing the risk of part failure. Putting your car through the paces also prevents your tires from flattening, and the energy generated by the alternator charges your onboard electronics.

Regular Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Take time to perform maintenance on your car. Changing the air filters lets you breathe easier, and changing the engine oil and fluids in the differentials and transmission keeps your car’s mechanics in good shape. If you don’t want to perform these tasks yourself, take your car to your dealer for service.

Wash your car so it shines when you take it out again. Soap and water will work, but dedicated vehicle-cleaning fluids and polishes are best.

If you can’t drive your car, use a fuel stabilizer and a trickle charger. Fuel stabilizer prevents the gas in your tank from going bad and causing damage to vital systems, while a trickle charger prevents your onboard electronics from losing charge — and potentially needing expensive reprogramming.

Cover Up Your Car

Leaving your car in the sun allows heat to build in your cabin, potentially damaging the upholstery or trim. Cover it up with a soft, breathable material to maintain your car’s good condition.

If your vehicle needs some maintenance—or if you want some more tips on how to keep it in good health while it sits idle—give us a call right here at Coleman Buick GMC Cadillac.

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