2020 GMC CarbonPro™ Bed Tested with Hurricane-Force Projectiles

The industry-exclusive GMC CarbonPro™ bed, found on certain trims of the GMC Sierra, proved its mettle during special testing performed by GMC engineers. GMC worked with weather experts to create a testing machine that would replicate the force of a Category 1 hurricane.

The CarbonPro™ bed is an innovative piece of tech, weighing 25 percent less than a typical steel bed, so your Sierra can put more power toward towing and hauling. In fact, CarbonPro™ delivers a payload rating that’s at least 59 pounds higher than a steel bed. The space-age bed also offers increased cargo volume as well as special indentations designed for bikes and other off-road vehicles.

The hurricane-force projectile test was just one part of the extensive trials GMC put the CarbonPro™ bed through to guarantee that it was the strongest bed on the market. The automaker subjected it to extreme temperature testing, corrosive substances, and impact tests with cinder blocks, gravel, and more.

GMC also tested competitors’ beds under the same conditions, and found that units not made of a carbon-fiber composite were much more likely to show damage like scratches and dents. This is thanks to the CarbonPro™’s “greater rebound efficiency,” a property that lets projectiles bounce off instead of absorbing the force.

If you want to learn more about what makes the CarbonPro™ the toughest, most durable truck bed on the market, give us a call right here at Coleman Buick GMC Cadillac.

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