2020 Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V Introduced

2019 saw the release of the first-ever Cadillac CT6-V, which added advanced turbocharging technology to the luxury CT6 sedan for thrilling sports performance. In 2020, Cadillac will unleash the first-ever CT4-V and CT5-V sedans, delivering more affordable performance options.

The 2020 CT5, along with the brand new 2020 CT4, are part of Cadillac’s versatile line of sedans, ranging in size and performance capabilities to provide a high degree of choice for customers, made even more diverse by adding them to the V-Series.

The CT4 and CT5 are built on the Cadillac Alpha rear-wheel drive architecture and sport smart new technologies in line with the latest Cadillac sedan design vision, setting them up for the even more powerful performance of the V-Series tech.

The CT4-V and CT5-V get Magnetic Ride Control 4.0, a choice of rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel drive, a ten-speed transmission, limited-slip differentials, and Brembo brakes with a special electronic assist, among other features. These technologies boost driving handling and performance while also prioritizing comfort for an effortless balance.

Cadillac has also equipped all three V-Series models with Super Cruise, the unprecedented self-driving technology that lets the driver go hands-free on over 130,000 miles of highways across the United States and Canada.

We look forward to seeing you at Coleman Buick GMC Cadillac when the Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V hit the road later in 2020.

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