How to Tell When Your Cadillac Needs New Tires

It goes without saying that it’s far better to stay up to date on tire maintenance than to deal with the consequences. Thankfully, if you look for these signs, it’s easy to tell when your Cadillac needs new tires.


A penny can tell you a lot about your tires. Stick a penny in the tread of the tire at several spots with Lincoln’s head facing down. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, the tread has worn down to an unsafe level. Tire tread is how water and debris pass through the tire, giving it traction on the road, so it’s vital to replace worn-out tires.


Whether worn or not, age can degrade the rubber that makes up your tires. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for how long tires remain reliable. Most recommend around six years.


Extreme temperatures can affect the structure of your tires. Hot weather tends to overinflate tires, and cold weather does the opposite. Both can lead to dangerous blow-outs, so keep an eye out.


If you see cracks along the edge of the tire near where the tread starts, this can be a sign of tire rot, which is a degradation of the tire that can potentially lead to a rupture. A large bulge on the sidewall indicates a weakened area of the tire, and can also lead to blow-outs. If your tires show either of these signs, it’s time to have them replaced.

If you think that your tires are in need of a professional inspection or replacement, set up an appointment with Coleman Buick GMC Cadillac’s service department.

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