GMC Hummer EV Offers Incredible Features for Drivers in Lawrence Township, NJ

If you need a truck that delivers serious performance here in Lawrence Township without guzzling gas, you don’t want to miss the brand-new, all-electric Hummer EV. The 2022 GMC HUMMER EV supertruck is set to debut this fall at Coleman Buick GMC, and its designers have been testing it rigorously to make sure it’s up for any and every adventure here in New Jersey.

Adaptive Air Suspension

In May, GMC reported that the 2022 HUMMER EV was taking to desert trails near Moab, Utah, so its designers could calibrate various components throughout testing. These included the Adaptive Air Suspension, which automatically raises and lowers the HUMMER EV to provide a softer ride on rough terrain.


Also, quality-tested in the desert were the truck’s Extract Mode and Terrain Mode, stability control, and CrabWalk system that turns all four wheels so you can move at a diagonal trajectory without changing the angle of the HUMMER. The HUMMER EV will even employ one-pedal driving, allowing the regenerative braking system to slow the truck to a stop rather than relying on the brake pedal, which can extend battery life.

Whether you plan on doing a lot of off-roading or you just need a powerful truck with incredible control for harsh New Jersey winters, the HUMMER EV truck is worth checking out when it comes to Coleman Buick GMC. Its long battery life means you can even bring it along on road trips with the family, and its powerful performance lets you tow a camper or RV to the ocean for the weekend.

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