Summer Maintenance Needs for Buick SUVs | Lawrenceville, NJ

Summer is nearly here in Lawrence Township, New Jersey, which means it’s time to check off some maintenance items on your Buick SUV care list. Our service technicians at Coleman Buick are ready to get your vehicle in shape for the new season. Here are the top three maintenance checks your Buick SUV needs for this summer.

Oil Change

A change in the season is a great reminder to schedule an oil change at Coleman Buick. After pushing through a harsh winter and unpredictable spring, your car’s engine needs some TLC to continue performing properly. Flush out the old oil and get a new oil filter.

In addition to scheduling an oil change, you’ll want to make sure the other vital fluids in your Buick SUV are topped off — transmission, power steering, brake, windshield wiper, and coolant.

Tire Check And Rotation

Fluctuating temperatures impact the condition of your Buick’s tires. Now is the time to check that the rubber tires are properly inflated, show no signs of uneven wear, are damage-free, and still have deep enough tread. While you’re getting that oil change, ask for a tire rotation too.

Air Filter Changes

Your Buick Envision’s or Enclave’s engine air filter works hard trapping dust and debris. But, it has its limits. Check that the air filter isn’t clogged, and have it replaced if it’s brown. Get a new cabin air filter too so you can enjoy having fresh air blast through the air conditioning.

Bring your Buick SUV into Coleman Buick in Lawrence Township, New Jersey, for summer Buick maintenance at our service center. Schedule an appointment on our website now.

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