Out-of-This-World HUMMER EV Has a Lunar-Inspired Easter Egg

The all-new GMC HUMMER EV is an electric supertruck straight out of science-fiction. To drive home the point, GMC engineers left a special easter egg in the already sold-out HUMMER EV Edition 1.

If you’ve been looking longingly at photos of the Edition 1, you may have noticed the intricate design on the face of a Bose® speaker. Think it looks a bit like a map, perhaps? You would be correct. That pattern is a topographical map of the Sea of Tranquility.

For those not aware, the Sea of Tranquility is the spot on the Moon where the Eagle landed and Neil Armstrong took one small step for man, and a giant leap for mankind. The message here is clear: the GMC HUMMER EV is making history and breaking new ground, signaling a giant leap forward for what’s possible in a pickup truck.

A lofty comparison, but the all-new GMC HUMMER EV is ready to live up to it. GMC sold out of the Edition 1 within hours of its reveal, and it’s easy to see why. This incredibly powerful version of the HUMMER EV boasts a three-motor Ultium Drive system that delivers 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 lb-ft of torque.*

Add innovative off-road features like Crab Walk, the latest version of GM’s Super Cruise™ hands-free technology, and a precision-engineered design inside and out, and the new HUMMER EV is out of this world. But it’s not science-fiction — it’s very real, and it’s coming to Coleman Buick GMC very soon. Make your reservation now and get ready to meet the future head-on.

*GM estimates. Applies to Edition 1 and available on EV3X.

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